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Is React Native is the future of mobile app development

Like many others, we were also skeptical of Facebook and Instagrams React Native platform. Initial demos of Reacts JavaScript language extension, JSX, made our developers uneasy. For years we had worked to separate HTML and JavaScript, but React seemed to…

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The 10 Most Common SEO Mistakes E-Commerce Sellers Make

E-commerce continues to grow in popularity around the world, as 44% of online shoppers start their buying process with a search engine. And as such an important purchase channel, you would think e-commerce businesses are ensuring SEO is their most…

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New in Google PLAs: Special Offers filter & an ad that links to a new Shopping page layout

A new landing page on Google Shopping flows a lot like a product page on Amazon with product details, seller details, reviews, links to related items and more on a single page. With Special Offers On a search result for…

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How to Turn Your Site into a Conversion Machine

Every business considers their conversion rate a crucial metric to determine growth. Whether youre an e-commerce site or SAAS company, conversions play a huge role in the performance of your business. However, its not always easy to reach your conversion…

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Googles Sundeep Jain on the Expanded Text Ad rollout, device bidding, similar audiences & more

We know some advertisers have already been white-listed to start testing the new ad format that allows for two longer headlines and a longer description, but little has been said about what the rollout will look like. Jain said that…

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10 Ways Beacons Will Change #SEO

Beacons, the in-store devices that help retailers communicate with consumers on their mobile devices and theoretically enhance the in-store shopping experience, could mean big changes in SEO as they evolve. First and foremost, given the interaction can only occur when…

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10 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Following

Today, there are a number of companies on Instagram achieving great results. Those boring, service-based businesses that didnt feel think Instagram was a suitable platform have started their journey on Instagram. However, these businesses are facing a big challenge. When…

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Google to Provide Instant Medical Information for Symptom Searches

Searching for symptoms on Google is going to yield more immediate answers in the coming days, as the search giant rolls out an update which will see information about medical symptoms and conditions added to the Knowledge Graph. The pending…

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Bing Bad Ads Report: 250 million ads rejected, 150K advertisers banned in 2015

Tech support scams remain at the top of the list of bad actors that search engines have to keep fighting. In the constant battle against bad actors, including scammers and hackers, Bing says it rejected 250 million ads, blocked 50,000…

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Why SEOs should not ignore Bing Webmaster Tools

Most of us have used Google Search Console, but many SEOs ignore Bing Webmaster Tools. Columnist Tony Edward argues that we should not overlook this rich source of data. Before I make my case about using Bing Webmaster Tools, I…

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How Does Google Fight Ad Fraud & Invalid Traffic

No one does more than Google to combat ad fraud online. We use a comprehensive combination of technology, people, and policy in these efforts. For more than a decade, we have developed an extensive internal system to defend against invalid…

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Creating Amazing Ads for Facebook and Twitter

You could be an expert at creating campaigns on Twitter and Facebook. You may know how to target the right people in the right places at the right time. Hell, you could even be targeting a specific list of people…

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10 big changes with search engines over my 20 years of covering them

Search Engine Land founding editor Danny Sullivan looks at how search has changed over the two decades he’s been writing about it. Today is my 20th anniversary of covering search and search engines. To mark the occasion, I wanted to…

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Google AdWords Positions 1 and 4 Show Most Potential

A study led by Adobe Media Optimizer finds that paid search ads that end up in the 4th position might actually produce the best results. According to the analysis, CPCs dropped while CTRs went up following Google’s removal of ads…

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Google Analytics’ mobile app gets a major upgrade on iOS & Android

New app available now offers customized reports, sharing options, updated look and feel with new navigation and more. Google Analytics has released a significant upgrade of its mobile apps. The new app — version 3.0 — is available now for…

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Google local results get additional search filters on mobile

Google shows additional search filters for the local pack based on the searcher’s location and history. Now, when your search query has local intent, and it brings up the “3-pack” or “local pack” in the Google search results, Google may…

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Which Social Media Network Should You Focus On

Focus in 2016 will be Facebook. Because over a billion people hang out there, and the Facebook advertising platform is well-established. I’ll continue to build up my YouTube presence and invest more in videos because it’ll be silly for anyone…

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Google Toolbar PageRank officially goes dark

A month or so after Google told us they would be removing the 1-to-10 PageRank scores from their toolbar feeds, they removed it this past Friday. Google told us they would be removing PageRank scores from the Google Toolbars last…

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10 ways link building has changed over the last 10 years

Though white-hat tactics have changed over the years, link building remains one of the most important elements of SEO. Columnist Jayson DeMers takes a look back at the evolution of link building. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a dynamic digital…

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HTTP to HTTPS: An SEO’s guide to securing a website

Back when I wrote the article, “Why Everyone Should Be Moving To HTTP/2,” it was meant to bring awareness to an awesome protocol upgrade that I thought was an easy win to make a website faster. Since then, I have…

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How to adjust SEO strategy to Google’s new SERP ad layout

Google’s recent changes to their search results pages threw paid search marketers for a loop, but what about organic search practitioners? Columnist Dan Bagby discusses the impact on SEO. Removing the ads from the right rail of Google search results…

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Google’s manual action penalty this weekend was over free product reviews

The mass Google manual actions for outbound links was related to the warning Google gave a few weeks ago around bloggers giving links in exchange for free products or services. yesterday, we reported that Google sent out outbound linking penalties…

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Google penalizes sites for unnatural outbound linking on Saturday

Over the weekend, Google issued many manual actions, Google penalties, for “unnatural outbound links.” This is a penalty issued manually by the Google manual actions team, specifically over sites linking out to other sites in an effort to manipulate the…

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About the importance of keyword research in content marketing.

Keyword research a key element of SEO & content marketing

Imagine that you are in an auditorium, facing a large audience of your best customers. You’re getting ready to speak to them. You can say whatever you want, but there’s just one condition: As soon as you complete your first…

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What they don’t tell you about SEO

I’ve worked on countless projects where the company has seriously underestimated the resources needed for an SEO campaign. More often than not, they’ve read a case study online where someone has scaled up their organic search traffic from zero and…

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Google makes AdWords Products tab more useful for Shopping campaigns

Google is finally bringing some functional heft to the Products tab. Managers will now find “Product status” and “Effective max CPC” columns in the Products tab in AdWords. The Products status column (You can add it from the Columns drop-down)…

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AdWords Search Exam gets an update: What you’ll need to know

This month, Google refreshed the AdWords Search Advertising exam to bring it up to date with newer platform features and industry trends. This is one of the Google Partners tests that goes toward AdWords certification — AdWords Fundamentals being the other. So…

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How to find relevant and proof terms for your content

The worlds of content marketing and SEO are constantly changing, and it can be difficult to keep up. If you’re like many business owners, you may find that all that costly and time-consuming content you’re creating just isn’t getting the…

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Web Designing in USA

Every day many people search for web design company in New york, web design company in Los Angeles etc. to get their website or mobile app designed. We are a web designing company in USA and we have created many…

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Your Virtual Team: Hire Dedicated Resource

Digi Interacts gives you an option of hiring dedicated resources as per your requirement. These skilled resources work as per your guidelines.We employ scalable tools, methods, processes and technology to give you the cost and quality benefits. We have state-of-the-art…

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CakePHP Development Services by DIGI INTERACTS

Digi Interacts is a renowned CakePHP development company in India offering comprehensive skill set in the CakePHP development, customization and integration. Our team of talented CakePHP Developers offers the high standard in coding. With great understanding of system practices and…

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A Bot who can do wonders: Android Development

Today we can’t think any business can run smoothly without using android because business cannot go everywhere but mobile is going everywhere. Every industry is going towards mobile apps because people have no time for sitting in front of laptop…

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Time for some PHP Dessert: CAKE PHP

Digi Interacts Pvt Ltd is one of the best Cake PHP Development Company in India. CakePHP is emerging as one of the most powerful Open Source PHP Framework. Cake PHP framework is the widely used open source technologies around the…

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Online Marketing

Online Marketing provides a platform to companies to promote everything on web. Online Marketing includes many techniques like Article Marketing, Press Releases, Search Engine optimization, Directories, Social Media, RSS, Facebook, Video Marketing, Blog/ Forum Marketing and so on. Online Marketing helps…

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Web Design in India is growing every day

Currently India is considered as one of the best place for outsourcing website design and web development work. It’s no wonder that companies from all over the world are outsourcing their work to Indian web companies.In order to attract more…

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Digi Interacts Provide Powerful E-commerce Solution

E-commerce is our bread and butter. We’ve worked of projects across many platforms like Magento, drupal, wordpress etc. We’re privileged to work on great projects with interesting customers. Our projects provide great eCommerce stores that will be highly functional, future-proof…

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